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December 11, 2023: Groundwater report shows steep decline, largely because of agriculture

December 5, 2023: 2023 set to be the hottest year on record, nearing 1.5 degree climate change threshold

December 1, 2023: Peoria plans to build water wells as drought, cuts to Colorado River water continue

December 1, 2023: Scientists concerned after the Earth briefly rose above a crucial temperature threshold

November 24, 2023: Council defections could impact water policy decisions

November 20, 2023: Arizona Senate president critical of key requirement set in 1980 Groundwater Management Act

November 17, 2023: Will another snowy winter boost the Colorado River? It hasn't happened in this century

November 14, 2023: 'We can't be complacent:' Climate report offers mix of familiar warnings, new solutions

November 14, 2023: More heat deaths, pollution, wildfires: Here's how climate change could harm Arizona, report says

November 14, 2023: ‘Every bit matters’: Six key takeaways from the latest U.S. climate report

November 14, 2023: US experiencing climate change now, latest National Climate Assessment shows

November 14, 2023: No place in the US is safe from the climate crisis, but a new report shows where it’s most severe

November 13, 2023: Mapping Arizona water reserves for the future

November 9, 2023: Arizona's water conservation plan will reduce Colorado River use

November 9, 2023: The Historic Claims That Put a Few California Farming Families First in Line for Colorado River Water

November 3, 2023: Federal government’s short-term Colorado River stabilization plan paints a “rosy” picture

November 2, 2023: Mapping our water reserves for the future

October 17, 2023: The 'Genius Grant': How an ASU researcher won, and what they look for in a fellow

October 13, 2023: An Eye on Phoenix's Water

October 13, 2023: Farmer, rural lawmaker leave Governor’s Water Council

October 12, 2023: ASU water expert Amber Wutich named a 2023 MacArthur Fellow

October 10, 2023: Water and housing redux

October 6, 2023: How access to water impacts mental health

October 5, 2023: Major housing development backs out shortly after San Pedro is assigned water rights

October 4, 2023: MacArthur Foundation Names The Winners Of Its 2023 Genius Grants

October 4, 2023: A 30-day challenge to become more water wise

October 3, 2023: AZ to end groundwater deal with Saudi Arabian company

September 25, 2023: How much water are rural Arizona farmers using? We don't know.

September 21, 2023: Tempe plans to save water by cutting grass

September 18, 2023: Water sustainability at center of new mixed-reality game

September 8, 2023: Can alfalfa survive a fight over Colorado River water?

September 7, 2023: 2023 Congressional Conference explores sustainable semiconductor manufacturing

September 6, 2023: Google building a $600 million data center in Mesa that won't use water to cool storage units

September 4, 2023: Water worries hit the chip sector

August 21, 2023: Colorado River moves back to Tier 1 water restrictions; here’s what it means for Arizona

August 17, 2023: Congressional Conference brings state, industry leaders together to talk about the future of Arizona

August 8, 2023: ASU water visualization tool recognized for sustainable impact

July 30, 2023: Will Arizona's new water limits halt Phoenix-area home building? No, and here's why

July 19, 2023: Want to Win a Chip War? You’re Gonna Need a Lot of Water

July 15, 2023: Wide array of proposals submitted to alter Arizona groundwater rules

July 13, 2023: Which cities around metro Phoenix are offering money to conserve water at home

July 9, 2023: To keep the Colorado River's heart beating, people step in to do what nature once did

July 9, 2023: How is climate change impacting Arizona's water resources

July 8, 2023: Economic development leaders look to alleviate concerns over water

July 2, 2023: Experts give advice on selecting sunscreens

June 27, 2023: Counties can't do a lot about water issues. But Maricopa supervisors want to help

June 26, 2023: Growth can continue amid water limits, panel tells County Board of Supervisors

June 25, 2023: Navajo Nation struggles with water access. The Supreme Court just dealt it a blow on water rights.

June 25, 2023: Here’s how much Lake Mead could rise after an epic winter and new water cuts

June 19, 2023: Governor Hobbs limiting building permits due to water shortage

June 6, 2023: Southwest states struck a deal on Colorado River water cuts. So how does, and doesn’t, it affect Coloradans?

June 5, 2023: No Water? No Subdivision.

June 5, 2023: More Southwest cities may limit development as groundwater dries up

June 4, 2023: Arizona’s water troubles show how climate change is reshaping the West

June 3, 2023: Arizona seeks to avert groundwater disaster

June 1, 2023: Shortfall in groundwater to slow growth in Arizona

June 1, 2023: Arizona announces limits on construction in Phoenix area as groundwater disappears

May 23, 2023: Historic Colorado River deal not enough to stave off long-term crisis, experts say

May 22, 2023: Three states agree to reduce water usage so the Colorado River doesn’t go dry

April 26, 2023: ‘It’s gotten really ugly.’ A community of freedom-lovers squares off against climate change in the Arizona desert

April 25, 2023: Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is the most 'endangered river,' advocacy group says

April 25, 2023: Colorado River cuts will hit Arizona hard. Here's what state water experts say we should expect

Los Angeles Times, March 25, 2023: Amid conflicts and climate change, U.N. puts focus on ‘deep trouble’ in water worldwide

ASU News, March 22, 2023: Arizona water anxieties: Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU News, March 21, 2023: How ASU is raising awareness of the water crisis for World Water Day — and beyond

NPR, Feb. 27, 2023: Here's why Arizona says it can keep growing despite historic megadrought

The Arizona Republic, Jan. 21, 2023: Why more water could make fixing the Colorado River even more difficult

USA Today, Jan. 12, 2023: Developers are trying to build hundreds of thousands of homes in Arizona. New report warns there isn't enough water

ASU News, Jan. 9, 2023: Jay Famiglietti brings decades of water expertise as ASU launches water initiative

Cronkite News, Jan. 2, 2023: Water reductions for the new year may be just the beginning, experts say

CNN, Dec. 30, 2022: ‘The brink of disaster’: 2023 is a critical year for the Colorado River as reservoirs sink toward ‘dead pool

Arizona’s Family, Dec. 5, 2022: Historic water cuts set to hit Arizona on Jan. 1

The Washington Post, Dec. 1, 2022: Officials fear ‘complete doomsday scenario’ for drought-stricken Colorado River

ASU News, Nov. 12, 2022: The future of water in Arizona

ASU News, Oct. 18, 2022: Why you should care about Colorado River cuts

ASU News, Sept. 20, 2022: Running out of river, running out of time